La Petite Belle Pattern - 4018

4018- Contemporary Woven Bridal Dress Pattern


This contemporary wedding dress is made of woven ribbons. Directions to
complete all you see including ribbon veil and Silk Lily bouquet are in
the booklet.

For supply list and fabric suggestions - click on more details

4018 Materials & Supplies List

For the Dress

10” X 10” square of Swiss Batiste

15-17 yards of 7mm silk ribbon (or similar)

Bodkin or similar to use for weaving ribbons

(Soft pinning board on which to do the weaving)

Needle and thread to match (or sewing machine)

6” X 6” piece of silk-satin (charmeuse)

6 “X 6” piece of lt. wt.  Fusible interfacing

24” of 4mm silk ribbon


For the Veil

6 yards 4 mm ribbon

1 #30 stem of florist’s wire

Velvet paper and tiny leaf punch (optional)


For the Bouquet

4 mm white silk ribbon

4mm green silk ribbon

Yellow or ecru silk thread

Green size 30 florists wire

White size 30 florists wire


Black marker


Nice to have

505 Temporary Fabric Glue is a quilting and appliqué product.  The glue/spray will not harm the silk ribbons or bleed through.  If you do not have this product or cannot get it locally, use your glue on the edges of the cotton batiste only.  You can substitute fusible web similar to Wonder Under®.
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