La Petite Belle Pattern - 4022

This is based on a commission for Kathi to recreate a bride's actual gown. It's stunning with it's ruching and flowing lines.

The commission did not require any additional accessories, but Kathi decided to do more for you.  The ensemble is completed with a beaded veil band and veil, and a sweet prayer book with floral arrangement for the day 

 This dress definitely has some components, and you must pay attention to your directions, diagrams and fabrics.  Kathi has added a note to the front that it is a more challenging pattern. However, if you take it slow, this pattern that is partially complex will yield some wonderful results. I think a beginner with a few skills will have success, too.

For supply list and fabric suggestions - click on more details

4022 Materials & Supplies List

11” X 18” silk taffeta or personal choice

 (equal amount of muslin/calico for the test dress and pressing pleats) 

 Permanent non-run ink pen

 8” X 8” buckram or interfacing

(optional) (this was not used on the sample)

 50 tiny beads or something to represent the buttons on back and to make the beaded headband.

 6” X 9” silk tulle, cotton net or similar for veil

18” Lace edging for veil

 12” - 2mm ribbon

 silk ribbons for floral arrangement.

 Prayer book  in pattern

 needle, thread, scissors, glue, iron

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