La Petite Bell Pattern - 4019

Pattern 4019 Princess Grace Wedding Gown 
The pattern is quite simple to complete, but easier to complete when paired with the undergarments designed specifically for it. Pattern 6007

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4019 Materials & Supplies List

13” of 2 ½” lace or lace fabric for blouse

8” X 8” of Swiss Batiste for skirt back

2 yards of fairy lace

¼ yard of silk satin, or taffeta for slip and skirt

18”-24” of 7mm silk ribbon

2 ¼ yards ¼” edging for veil and coronet and dress hem

60” of 2 ½” lace (or lace fabric to make ruffles for back

A large quantity of 24° beads to bead blouse, coronet, and veil

A quantity of stones if you desire

A quantity of 20° beads for skirt back and blouse buttons

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