fire room box

Firetruck Bedroom


These are easy to assemble kits

Sample Painted with Glossy Acrylic Paint



FS410 - Fire Engine Bed - Kit


From our Boys Room - Fire Engine Bed

5 3/4" Long x 3 3/4" Wide x 3 1/4" Tall

Mattress included

Bedding sold separately

Easy to assemble kit with an accessory pack of laser cut wood - includes  ladders - ax - shovel - etc

FS412 - Fire House Bookcase Kit


Laser Cut Kit

6" Tall x 3 7/8" Wide x 1 1/4" Deep

Garage Door Drawer Opens

Accesories not included

FS414 - Fire House Toy Box Kit


Laser Cut Maple Wood Kit

3 1/4" x 1 1/4" x 2 1/4" tall in back  1" Deep

Lid Opens


FS417 Firehat Alarm Box and Extinguisher

Cast Metal Kit

Boy's Room Kits


Cubical shelving


Rocking Horse

and More

FS405 - Slim Bookcase Kit


Available in either Walnut or Lt Maple this bookshelf comes with 5 shelves which are completely adjustable to fit your needs. The interior of the bookcase is 5" high.  3" wide x 1" deep

DF211 - Peg Shelf Kit - 4 Boys and Kids Designs


Laser cut shelf with 4 peg hooks

Kit comes with 4 choices of art work

Click on photo to see the 4 designs in this kit

2 1/2" long x 1 1/2" tall

CP226 - Cotton - Dalmatians and Fireplugs


 A great bedspread fabric to cordinate with our firetruck bedroom

9 x 22"

DR912 - Fireman Quilts


One to fit the Firetruk bed  and 2 wall quilts for wall decorations.

Includes pillows

Printed on cotton fabric

1" to the foot scale

DR914 - Fireman Canvas Area Rugs


Printed on Canvas

4 Area rugs in the Fire house theme

TY118 - Red Ryder Toy Rifle - Kit


Easy to Assemble Laser Cut Box and Lining.

Metal Gun ready to be painted

TY115 - Toy Soldiers - Kit


Die cast metal soldiers ready for you to paint

Cardstock box with raised liner bed

1" scale Kit

TY101 - Rocking Horse Kit


A fast and easy to assemble kit

See our new decorator sheets that are designed to use with this kit

TY107 - Chinese Checkers


 Unpainted laser cut board ready for you to paint.  Includes marbles.

TY103 - Blocks Kit

This kit includes a laser cut set of blocks (all attached and ready to paint ) along with the box and artwork.  This kit takes very little time to paint up with either a toothpick or small brush.  Acrylic paint not included

SB230 - Children's Books


Adorable Do it yourself Children's Book kit.

Includes 12 covers & inserts printed on a high-quality laser printer. 

SB224 - Sheet of Old Game Boxes


Fireman hat


 Red plastic firemans hat can be decorated with fireman sheilds and logos