Dragonfly is sponsoring a contest this summer.

There will be Gift Certificates or Prizes awarded to all entries.

The contest is really like two separate contests

1 - Create a hat using any materials you want.  These can be made from paper,  fabric, braids, etc.   Decorate the hat in your choice of materials.  The only stipulation is the hat must be made with materials  others can duplicate since the entries will be published in a how-to booklet as a fund raiser.
You can use a basic pattern for the hat shape as long as you decorate the hat in an original way.
you will send the entry in with the pattern and notes on how it was made so a tutorial can be made for the how-to-booklet.  Step by step photos are always appreciated.

The second part is a another category you can enter but you do not need to enter both parts. 

You can enter one or both parts

2 - Creating miniatures with hat straw braid - Find another use for hat straw braid.  Create an item from the braid.
Other trims and materials can be used along with the hat straw.
Suggestions - purses, beach bags, shoes, boxes, baskets, etc
You will need to send in the item along with the pattern and notes that can be used to make a tutorial.  Step by step photos are also appreciated but not required.

Item will be returned only  if return postage is included.
All rights to the pattern , photo, and instructions of entry will be surrendered  by the submitter and permission is granted to publish the images in a how-to booklet or a kit.

Deadline for entries is Sept 1st ( entries may be submitted anytime between now and the deadline )  Submit to Dragonfly   1719 Oakview Dr  Roseville Ca  95661

Grand prize is a $100 gift certificate from Dragonfly and all entries will receive a gift.

Dragonfly International is a hand crafter of quality doll house miniature accessories. I have
been serving the needs of collectors and miniaturists for the past  31 years.

My Goal is to bring you a nice selection of miniatures from both myself and other craftsman
and artisans around the country.  I try to select or create only items I would be proud to
display in my own miniature projects.   Please check back to see WHAT'S NEW at DRAGONFLY.

Deb (the dragonlady)