New Release - Decals
33% off through 2/28/18
Decals $7.50 Special price $5.00 each
Water slide laser printed decals in a large array of designs and colors.
They work well on wood, ceramic, plastic, and glassware


Fabric Clearance - Most Fabrics in half or full yards up to 50% off - look in clearance section

Silk - Cotton - Wool

 Since most of our items are hands on expect orders to take 1-3 weeks. We will do our best to send as quickly as possible

Dragonfly International is a hand crafter of quality doll house miniature accessories. I have been serving the needs of collectors and miniaturists for the past  35 years.

My Goal is to bring you a nice selection of miniatures from both myself and other craftsman and artisans around the country.  I try to select or create only items I would be proud to display in my own miniature projects.   Please check back to see WHAT'S NEW at DRAGONFLY.

Deb (the dragonlady)